Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ightham Mote and Knole

On Saturday, we left Flint Cottage and headed to Cambridge. We visited Ightham Mote and Knole Castle on the way. We loved Ightham Mote as it had been a normal home (quite a large and wealthy one) rather than a castle from the Middle ages. We went on a tour of the gardens too.

Lovely to see some embroidery.
This was s stitched fire guard. It was fairly dark so the photo doesn't do it justice.

Lovely jars.

We also went through Knole Castle. It was very interesting though quite dark and very rich and imposing. Didin't help that it was raining heavily and dark outside. This is where Vita Sackville, created the Sissinghurst garden, grew up.


Unknown said...

Thankyou Sylvia, I love my armchair travelling with you. I am very envious of your trip so far. My Nana was from March in Cambridgeshire and one day I am going to visit there for myself. Her mother died from TB when Nana was 7, her father eventually brought her unwillingly out to Australia when she was 16. We are not too certain why Australia but possibly because of two farms neighbouring where they lived in Cambridgeshire being named Botany Bay farm and Australia farm, I would love to find out who owned these two farms, maybe they had property in Australia too. Keep up the great blogging, love the great photos.

Janelle said...

great photos from a lovely part of the world.