Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More Canterbury

We decided to head into town again today to check the net and blog. Must book places with internet in the future as we do miss it. Bruce has blogged today so check our other blog. It says I wrote it but Bruce did.

Bruce has managed to get a nasty cold and we made a visit to the doctor for antibiotics. Very impressed with the NHS as the visit was FREE! We are heading to Dover today. Yesterday we had a quiet day and just visited Whitstable on the coast and had afternoon tea. Here are a few more pictures of Canterbury.

Here is a lovely view of the River Stour.
Loved this lolly shop with a beautiful old stone doorway.
Here is a view of the ceiling of the cathedral.


Karen said...

I hope Bruce is feeling better soon! Your pictures are gorgeous! :)

Lyndal said...

Hi Mum and Dad. I'm glad you are having a nice time, even after all the drama of your arrival in England/Kent. The photos do look beautiful. Have fun! Love Lyndal. Xxoo

Tatkis said...

Great pictures! Thank you very much for sharing.

Best wishes,