Monday, August 9, 2010

Here we are in Canterbury

So lovely to be able to blog at last. We are in a Pret restaurant in Canterbury with free wifi. We are having a lovely day here and have been on a walking tour this morning. Getting here wasn't so good. We firstly, couldn't get the car we had ordered and then were so late to our cottage that it was hard to find and the hosts weren't answering the phone! It was very late. We had to try to sleep in the car! Not good.
The next day was better and here is the cottage. We visited a lovely village called Chilham yesterday and enjoyed a yummy roast lunch in the pub! The afternoon was spent dozing as we were very jetlagged.
We have just been on a walking tour of Canterbury and it was very good. Such an interesting city with so much to see.


FIONA said...

Looks beautiful Sylvia! Hope the weather is warmer there!!

Janelle and Richard said...

Great to see your pictures and to know all is well.
Janelle x

Gordon said...

Mum hopes that your cold will go and we both felt sorry that had to spend a night in the car .No more dramas!!!