Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Flashback to Lavenham, England

We head out of Rome today to Tuscany. Haven't any photos to share for yesterday downloaded so thought I would share these images from a gorgeous little town called Lavenham (Hope I have the name right this time). Penny and John took us there and it was delightful. This was one of the windows in the church.
Check out the delightful houses. I looked high and low for some wooden little houses to bring home for my collection but they didn't have any!
We went inside a wonderful hall that was once used by one of the Guild churches way back in the 1400s or so. Can't remember all the details now. It had a fabulous museum upstairs recording the building's history as well as the area's history too. Please note the jacket...it was chilly and raining.
Inside there was a wonderful collection of objects used in the daily life of the community over the centuries. They did lots of spinning and weaving. Brings back memories of spinning wool in the 70s!

Here is some dyed and spun wool.

This is one of the looms used and some lovely soft fabric.
There was a room for one of the well known families in the area and this little sampler was stitched by a 7 year old! One of the other daughters had written the nursery rhyme "Twinkle Twinkle little star". It was a very special place to visit.

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