Saturday, July 4, 2015

Alesund and Bergen, Norway

On Tuesday, 30 June, we were in Alesund. It was a very interesting and beautiful city where a lot of the buildings are in the Art Nouveau style after there was a terrible fire in 1904.We went on a walking tour with a local guide which was very informative.

 Bruce went up the many stairs to capture the view.
 On Wednesday, we were in Bergen. We had decided to go up on the cable car to see the amazing view. There was a bit of waiting as Bergen was so full of tourists and the weather was really warm and lovely.

 We then headed back to town and walked around the old part.

 This house had a wonderful range of hand made hardanger and cross stitch but I was unable to take any photos.
 We then continued exploring.

We then returned to the ship to find out that we were heading straight back to Harwich. We have had a lovely time in London and head back to the ship this afternoon. 


Janelle said...

Ma and I have just caught up with all your blog entries. What lovely places to see! The turf rooves,the waterfall and the wild and sparse areas reminded me of what we saw in Norway all those years ago. We saw the more recent London pics. The temp there must be a pleasant contrast for you.

Radka said...

You were very lucky in Bergen, known for its high rainfall! It always rained when we were there :-(
I hope the rest of your trip goes well,

Chookyblue...... said... day I will get there.............

Dawnie said...

I am in awe would love this itinerary. It is on the " bucket list". Thank you for sharing your pictures.

Tanya Hughes said...

Thank you so much for sharing your trip - these are places that I would love to visit but not many people go there...they are just gorgeous towns and I love imagining everyday life in these places...what do people do there?
Take care and keep sharing
Love it!
Tanya Hughes from Perth Western Australia x