Monday, July 20, 2015

Trodheim, Tromso and Honningsvag

On Tuesday, 7 July, we arrived in Trondheim and were welcomed by two lovely ladies in their national costume. They showed me some of the gorgeous embroidery on their outfits. They had been hand stitched by their grandmothers.

 We walked into town which was a little chilly. It was lovely to visit the Nidarosdomen cathedral. We then visited the courtyard at the archbishop's palace and wandered through the old town, seeing the old bridge and the bryggene (wharfs).

 Bruce took some lovely photos of the scenery as we sailed on.

 Wednesday was a sea day and then on Thursday, 9 July, we visited Tromso. It was a lovely day here so we did a bit of walking.We were near the Polar Museum so we went in and it was an amazing collection of fishing and hunting displays and lots about the Norwegian polar expeditions.
 We then walked over the bridge and visited this church.

 There was a wonderful display of photographs in this free museum.

We then sailed into the Arctic circle to Honningsvag. It was quite chilly here...understandably. From here you can go to the North Cape. It is very expensive and also was pretty foggy so we just wandered around this little fishing village.

We were very lucky as in the evening our ship sailed right round the North Cape so we saw it after all.


Radka said...

Great pictures, you taking a lot in. Seeing the beautiful national costume, reminds me our visit to friends in Norway. Our friend was just making a national costume for her daughter. They still wear them for "Norway Day" which is in May.
Enjoy Cornwall!

Michele Hill said...

It has been so wonderful travelling with you Sylvia….your photos are simply stunning! Hugs x