Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Molde and Geiranger

We had two sea days over the weekend and then arrived at Molde on Monday, 13 July. There was a jazz festival on in town with lots of stalls and activity. We wandered around town and then went on a tour to the Atlantic Road. This road has many bridges connecting the many islands in the area.

 We visited Bud on the tour which is a fishing village.

 The Atlantic road was quite spectacular. We stopped here to walk around a headland for views of one of the interesting bridges.

 On Tuesday we were in Geiranger. It was quite misty and a bit eerie! The main thing to do was to head up to a lookout but not sure people saw much today.
 We walked up about 300 steps beside this amazing waterfall. The water was thundering down!

 At the top we visited the Fjord Museum which was very interesting. There were displays and photos of all aspects of Fjord life. We then walked down the steps and hundreds of people were coming up as there was a gigantic ship in town as well as ours. We were glad we came out early.

 We then cruised the fjord which was quite amazing.

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Cheryl said...

Beautiful photos, almost feel like I'm there with you! I wish :)