Tuesday, July 28, 2015


On Saturday, 25 July, we left our little cottage in Cornwall and headed to Somerset. We visited Exeter on the way and it was a lovely city and a wonderful cathedral.

 We did a tour of the cathedral which was so interesting. It is a medieval cathedral.

 I especially loved all the tapestries everywhere. They have a wonderful group of Tapisers who create all the prayer cushions and the many other cushions all around this cathedral. Every chair's cushion was different and there were hundreds of themm.

 The sides and base were all stitched.

 Around the nave there were long cushions on the stone seat near the outer walls and they had the history of England and of Exeter stitched on the many yards of cushion! I only photographed a few of them but can imagine the time involved in stitching these!

In the afternoon we did a walking tour of the town. We then headed to Pylle and settled into our B & B in Somerset.

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Meryl and Glenn said...

Hi Sylvia, So many lovely photos. Looks like you have had some good weather to really see the scenery well. I just looked all the way back at all your photos from this trip even though I've looked at them before. What a great time you've had. Two more weeks until you are home and until we leave. Getting excited now. Sorry we won't be able to catch up and see more photos. I loved seeing photos of where we've been and new places. You certainly had one big day in Cornwell. All those places were so great. Enjoy your last 2 weeks. Love Meryl