Saturday, July 4, 2015


On Saturday, 27 June, we were in Isafjorder. We had a wonderful day here as we wandered into town and found a local bus tour that only took about 15 people. We saw so much amazing scenery. We went through an amazing 9km tunnel, part of which was only one way!

 We had a coffee and a visit to Flateyri, a little fishing village. The shop below was a book shop that sold books by the kilo.

Closer to town we saw this waterfall.

 We then walked around the small town and enjoyed a coffee and some wifi.

 They had lots of heavy Icelandic, hand knitted jumpers for sale.
There was also a lovely shop with wool and some lovely hardanger and cross stitch too.

On Sunday, we also had a terrific day. We caught a taxi with our new friends from the UK, Elaine and Andy. We first went to the Godafoss waterfall.

 The second stop at Laufas was the highlight. This is an amazing turf house, some of which goes back to the Middle ages. The present farm is from the 1850's. There were some amazing examples of embroidery, knitting and furniture. The house was quite a wealthy one belonging to the minister of the church.

 The lower windows of this picture are the kitchen windows.


Smily said...

For me, Island is a kind of a "dream country" - I'd like to visit it once. Thank you for sharing!

Lyndal said...

How amazing! Iceland is just so beautiful

Chookyblue...... said...

I would LOVE to go to Iceland.........